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What We'll Do Established since 2013, Eminence Education Center focusing on Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Highschool and University Preparation students. Specializing for National Plus and International School Students. Learning materials and method of teaching are customized for each school to ensure the students accelerating their study performance at their school. Our students majority come from various national and international school such as Tzu Chi School, Bina Bangsa School (BBS), Singapore International School (SIS), IPEKA, BPK Penabur, St. Nicholas, Permai and other school. Our tuition center provides comfortable class room and well experienced tutors. As we might concern about students' performance in the classroom, we always set a higher standard and quality control in Eminence. The standard is managed and controlled by our Teaching Specialist Expert in Math and Science, Mr. Hendrik Wijaya (Awie) who graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore.


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