Toddlers Town

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Toddlers Town Day Care Open For Children of Age: 1.5 - 4.5 years old. The demand of an urban city like Jakarta understandably create many new "challenges" for parents. Many of which who has to work or have other businesses to attend to. Hence why, Toddlers Town was created in the heart of Jakarta's CBD in Mega Kuningan. Any parent, working near us or have something come up in the middle of the day, could peacefully drop off their child, knowing that the child will be taken care of and looked after by qualified professionals. Toddlers Town is all about creating, immersing and helping a child to define the positive standards within themselves. In the earliest years of their life, children are learning about who they are, making sense of their worlds and this directly affects their progress in the years later; shaping their very own personalities. We believe in providing an all-around whole day children center that caters to both the parents and the children's needs. Toddlers Town will cover the aspects of proper childhood development; social and emotional, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, and providing an encouragement for positive and age-appropriate everyday problem-solving skills. Each aspect of Toddlers Town has been carefully planned for practicality and independence in a child's everyday life situation. Each week, we provide thematic learning within the Toddlers Town curriculum that will be applied during the 3 Hours Montessori Cycle, with the extension of extra curricular activities included daily; Sensory Play by Toddy Time or Zumba Kids by Mumu Yuniko (schedule listed on the daily activity list). OUR COMMITMENT: We understand that a child is the most valued being for any parent. Hence why, we work to provide a place that has been designed especially by focusing on safety in mind. We are also equipped with professional educators, affiliated psychologists and health-care attendant, who will most definitely keep every child best interest in mind.


Menara Rajawali, Lantai 3 Podium. Kawasan Mega Kuningan. Jl. DR. IDE Anak Agung Gde Agung 12950