WowART Learning Studio

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WOW ART learning is a visual art program for children utilizing methodologies in Early Childhood Psychology. WOW ART learning has continually inspired and nurtured children across Asia since 1995. Art is a fundamental medium which children need to learn about because they would develop a sense of expression, communication and also creativities to balance their mind. Here at WOW ART, we need to give a comprehensive art to children, because it is fun and make them creative. WOW ART has a comprehensive art program, nurturing his Imagination, Versatility, Self-awareness, Motivation, Confidence and Independence along the way. Art according child sensitivity in proactive thinking and cognitive development, its the bestway to develop mind brain, capability, self awarness and creative.


2nd floor, Educenter building Jl. Sekolah Foresta Lot 2 No. 8 BSD City 15331.